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Discussion in 'UK Websites For Sale' started by purg, Oct 31, 2008.

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  1. purg Ireland

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    Ive developed the domain search site to a point I believe will self promote. Site opened a couple of months and is well indexed in all search engines. Domains are found from inputting wordfiles into the database which then whois checks them, keeping to nom rules. Additional lookups come from user searches (using the + button next to a domain) which use whois2.

    The domain has sufficient traffic for similar related project but source and explanation will be offered to buyer.

    Google ranking
    free domain drop list = rank 10 (rank 2 is my post here on AD)
    drop date for = rank 4
    uk domain drop list = rank 6 (rank 4 my AD post)

    Sept figures
    463 Unique hits / 935 visits
    Pages 5032
    Hits 17421
    Bandwidth 153.35 MB

    Links from Search Engines - 133
    Links from an external page - 290

    Oct figures
    383 Unique hits / 603 visits
    Pages 2260
    Hits 13550
    Bandwidth 57.70 MB

    Links from Search Engines - 99
    Links from an external page - 233

    (stopped updates which highlights in the hits dip)

    I have given no promotion to the site, just plain organic growth

    Whats required:
    - PHP, MySQL
    - cURL
    - fsocket
    - Nominet whois2 (optional)

    Whats on offer:
    - Domain
    - All source (PHP scripts written by me)
    - Hosting upto 3 months

    Buyer pays fees

    Please post offers but will reply to questions in post or PM

    (I will be away for a couple of weeks but will check forum. Might have long delays between replies so please accept my apologies)
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