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Digital Signage WordPress Plugin

Discussion in 'Wordpress' started by digitalsignagepress, Aug 24, 2016.

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    Digitalsignagepress is the first professional Wordpress plugin to make Digital Signage via Wordpress.
    Through different versions Digitalsignagepress enables professional Digital Signage solutions for end users up to Agencies. You can create brilliant digital signage pages and can manage your digital signage devices.

    - Screen management
    - Multiuser management
    - Customer management for agencies
    - Automatic updates of screens on playlist changes
    - Full Editor
    - Embed HTML pages, Videos, menu cards and more....

    And many more….

    - German
    - English

    Version v1.1.10
    - added workaround for wordpress multisite issues with network wide activations for plugins
    - fixed control scheme for border based element movement
    - fixed 24/7 scheduling on videowalls
    - fixed scheduling toggle
    - enforced border for html container and twitter/facebook elements
    - fixed preview for new slides before save

    Version v1.1.9
    - added german translation (Download)
    - improved wordpress-multisite compatibility
    - can now reorder slides inside playlist via drag and drop
    - can now choose to copy existing slide into playlist when adding a new slide
    - added higher and more font sizes
    - added separate delete background button
    - enabled free positioning of image elements within a container
    - more detailed description in case a URL is used multiple times
    - dynamic container dimension for inserted images in custom editor based on the image ratio
    - added overview of offline devices in dashboard
    - added twitter and facebook widget generator for html elements
    - bug fix for preview

    Version v1.1.7
    - optimization for LG webOS DigitalSignage screens and youtube links
    - optimization for Samsung Digital Signage screens in combination with video playback

    Version v1.1.0
    - first version of the Digital Signage Wordpress Plugin

    More infos:
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