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Do You Want a Simple Comment Script for HTML Sites

Discussion in 'Website Design' started by VSC, Apr 4, 2012.

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    Do you want / need a comment script for a standard non-CMS site?

    I've had one written and am considering whether or not to make it available for sale.

    Google prefers sites that are interactive, which is why I had the script written. In fact I did a test on one page of a site where I added the script to a page that was nowhere in the search results. After adding the script (with backdated comments), it is now page one/number 3 on big G.
    (on big G, search for "how does property investing work". It's the Commercial------ domain. If you choose pages from the UK, it's number 1).

    Hence this post - if there is enough interest, I'll make installation and operation videos and PDFs etc, and offer it for sale. Currently there is no sales page or anything - just the information that I am posting here.

    Script is easy to install. All the user has to do is to create a MYSQL database and put those details in to a file and upload. All you have to do next is add some php code to the pages where you want to have the comment script.

    Script has an admin area where you can approve/disapprove comments.
    You can also edit posts. This was a specific feature that I asked for so that I could give a site the appearance of age by adding posts "today" and dating them 3/6/9 months ago.

    I plan to use it more for me to add comments in the first instance.

    If there is sufficient interest I will make script available for sale, and keep it updated. Would also look at implenting popular features.

    So ... anyone interested? My thoughts on a selling price would be around the £20 mark for unlimited personal use (all the sites you own), plus perhaps a year subscription of £5 for upgrades after the first year.
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