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Discussion in 'Drop Lists' started by pjs, Oct 13, 2008.

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    Hi Guys (and gals?),

    Weve a new drop catching system in dev and rather than spend a ton of time researching domains to drop for testing, I thought it'd be easier to offer to catch a limited number of domains per day for whoever wants a free service for maybe a week.

    We want to finish off this software this week, and whilst I cannot gaurantee any captures, anything we do cap will be yours for the normal tag holders registration fee. Obviously we won't be able to take a lot of names, but what I'm looking for is someone with a list of 10-15 names to purchase expected to drop that day to test and refine the new scripts. If you are already using your own system (which I recommend as our new scripts may not be working / performing at this time), this will be on our own TAG so you'll just double your chances?

    For the suspicious ones amongst you (I'm one, so I'd question it!), this is legit. I figure the time it would take me to find suitable test lists of domains I really want for a few days might as well be spent on real capture attempts and offer the service for free to anyone who can save me the time. I gurantee to hand over anything captured as long as you agree to pay the normal registrant fee for anything captured.

    Anyone interested, please drop me a message.

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