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Domain Expiry question

Discussion in 'Nominet General Information' started by developdomains, Oct 12, 2012.

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  1. developdomains United Kingdom

    developdomains Well-Known Member

    Sep 2006
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    Having a row with Fasthosts at present as they keep changing the nameservers on certain domain names to DomCollect.

    A domain was due to expire on 10/09/12 and, as many of us domainers do, I take advantage of the 90 days we have to renew them.

    Within a couple of weeks they changed the nameservers to DomCollect without my permission.

    I've queries this with Fasthosts and they've told me that when a domain goes into renewal required/expiry you don't own it.

    Fasthosts do not list this nameserver change on expiry in their terms and conditions. They dont do it to every name, just ones they might want to catch, I've told Fasthosts they are "tasting" the traffic for a name but they keep brushing me off.

    Before I take this any further, can someone please confirm that a domain name is owned by the registrar until the day it becomes free to reg (ie drops).

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    Acorn Domains Elite Member

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  3. eddieb United Kingdom

    eddieb Active Member

    Feb 2012
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    Sorry, but it isn't. Ownership ends when the expiry date is reached without renewal.
    The fact that there is a period of 'grace' wherein the domain name cannot be resold and we can renew does not mean we own it during this time.
  4. grantw United Kingdom

    grantw Well-Known Member

    Mar 2005
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    I don't think that's strictly true as the registrant remains the legal registrant until the domain drops. Nominet are currently consulting on this very issue:

    Don't think you'll get very far complaining until Nominet have decided what to do.

  5. monaghan United Kingdom

    monaghan Moderator Staff Member

    May 2007
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    You need to read the T&C's very carefully as some registrars will word their T&C's to allow them to acquire control of a non-renewed domain and do with as they see fit despite the information on the deletion cycle that Nominet publish. The legality of this is unknown, however, there do appear to be more and more registrars doing so providing a huge degree of confusion to the consumer as Nominet's site says one thing and the registrar's says another.

    Unless there's something in the registrar's T&C's your domain should remain unmodified until such time as Nominet enters the suspension period, then again no change until deletion.

    Personally speaking, I would advise everyone not running their own TAG to frequently and carefully read the T&C's of their current registrar and if necessary vote with your feet to ensure you retain control of your domain, either that or renew in line with the registrar's renewal cycle.

    The expired domain policy mentioned above will have summary of discussions on the Nominet website, read and draw your own conclusions, however, it may be too late to formally provide input, but feel free to submit your input anyway.
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