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    Wikipedia - Domain kiting - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Bob Parsons - Hot Points – A blog by Go Daddy CEO and founder Bob Parsons

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    "Domain Kiting", a fairly new term coined by CEO, Bob Parsons, refers to an outrageous practice, whereby few Registrars take advantage of AGP (Add Grace Period) provision in ICANN (Internet Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers) rules, to monetize from and block thousands of domain names, without actually paying for them in long run.

    Additional Info

    Add Grace period
    The AGP is a five-day window period during which a newly registered domain name can be deleted/ dropped with full refund of registration fee. AGP was introduced to provide a mechanism for Registrars and registrants to correct mistakes, reverse fraudulent registrations. Registrars involved in kiting scam, register thousands of domains against the large amount of money they deposit with Registry. Domains registered are usually the expired ones, which have been indexed by search engine giants like Google, Yahoo etc. Appreciable volume of type-in-traffic is received for these domains, which have now been parked, to generate revenue. Domain Parking presents viable option for domainers to generate revenue from their unused domains, by hosting a single page web site with paid advertisement links. Clicks from visitors to such sites, generates money for the domainer.

    Domain Parking
    Parking is legitimate as traffic monetization is permitted on a licensed domain. Kiting is not illegal as per current (July 11, 2006) provisions of ICANN rules, but it is an unfair practice that gives undue advantage to few Registrars and also traps domains into a scheme, thereby making them unavailable to general public, unless dropped from vicious cycle of kiting. It hurts more so, when profit is earned from such domains, without paying for their registration fee.

    Size Of The Problem
    International security firm, MessageLabs in its monthly Intelligence Report, has assessed overall security threat levels to be high, though stabilized over past couple of months. "Disposable domains are becoming a larger problem via a tactic known as 'domain kiting' in which cyber-criminals acquire domains without paying for them and use them for illegal gains," says Mark Sunner, the chief technology officer at MessageLabs.

    Bob Parsons says, "Just over 35 million names were registered for the month of May. Of those just over 2.7 million were permanent registrations. That means that 92.3% of all domain names registered were part of a scam now known as domain kiting. These names were kept off of the market, they were used to generate search engine revenue - AND BECAUSE OF A LOOPHOLE ICANN REFUSES TO ELIMINATE - those 32.3 million names were used without being paid for.".

    ICANN's Response
    ICANN expects Registries to take up the matter through proper channel. VeriSign, controlling .com registry, on other hand remains spooky quiet about the entire issue.
    Bob Parsons has been corresponding with ICANN, VeriSign, and Public Interest Registry since 2004.

    "For the third time I am appealing to ICANN to step up and take action to put an end to domain kiting. The ICANN meeting in Marrakech, Morocco should provide the perfect forum for the ICANN Board to put an end to this travesty. The Board showed that it was able to step up and take action when it came to approving a lopsided deal for VeriSign. I see no reason why it can't do the same when it comes to doing something for the good of the domain name system and the Internet. After all, isn't that what ICANN is supposed to be about? " Remarks Bob Parsons in his article.

    A Solution?
    A simple solution to this problem is, making ICANN fee of 25 cents non-refundable. This should reduce abuse to considerable extent. A legislation may be a deterrant as well. ICANN being a consensus group may not be motivated to work out a solution, unless someone in Washington loses their domain to this scheme or some big criminal nexus is unearthed by federal agencies. We can be optimistic, for people like Bob Parsons are still pursuing this issue with utmost seriousness.

    Recently, prominent brands filed a lawsuit against Dotster. "Dotster lawsuit involves allegations of a new twist on the concept: a registrar using its special status with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers to secure misspelled domains temporarily for a few days, measure the traffic, and then pay for only the ones that would be lucrative in terms of advertising" says Declan McCullagh of CNet fame.
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