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Domain name cybersquatting on the rise - Global Gold Internet Services

Discussion in 'Domain Name News' started by Acorn Newsbot, Mar 16, 2009.

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    Washington Times

    Domain name cybersquatting on the rise
    Global Gold Internet Services,*UK
    Compiled by MarkMonitor, the statistics showed that cybersquatting - where trademarked domain names are bought by cybersquatters in the hope of selling them to the trademark holder at inflated prices - was the most used strategy by online ...
    Brand-jacking rises as top online abuse Washington Times
    Cybersquatting on the rise TelecomTV
    Brands at risk as fraudsters step up cyber squatting
    Business Wire (press release)*- Bigmouthmedia News
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    Load of cobblers. Don't believe a word of it. IMHO that's just blatant self-promotion of their services as they're probably feeling the pinch because the OPPOSITE is true.

    It's this type of bullshit that causes notional problems for people running perfectly ethical businesses in the secondary market.
  4. Edwin

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    It's probably true, in the sense that there have been more newbies rushing into the market (especially in .com) in the last year or so than at any other time, because of all the press coverage in (the now sadly defunct) Business 2.0 (the "Masters of their Domains" article) and other places of the millions that top domainers are making in the industry.

    And judging by the for-sale posts on most of the domain forums (less so here, thankfully) 4 out of 5 newbies - at least - rush to grab variations of company names. They simply don't know better when they're first starting out, and by the time they've learned that it's frowned up there's another 100 newbies behind them registering TMs and typos...

    After all, domaining is probably the lowest barrier to entry "get rich quick" scheme going, since it's only $7 a registration. No hosting, no skills, just a domain name. Sure, we know none of that is true - there's a lot of thought, hard work, research, etc. that goes into it and it's FAR from easy - but that's the perception that's floating around "out there".
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