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Discussion in 'Website Reviews' started by julian, Jan 6, 2014.

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  1. julian United Kingdom

    julian Banned

    Aug 2007
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    I've developed a resourceless, generic CMS site that can be deployed onto a domain within about 5 minutes (+ content time). This is a first release and still needs some tweaks so bear with me.

    We say the EMD days are gone but I believe this is still better than parking. Once set up there's nothing to do except add content. The idea is although generic in design is to make it look like a decent site so you have more chance of inducing a click/lead, so far its worked well on the few sites I've trailed it on. The better the site and content is, the more chance people 'should' link to it.

    I'm trying to create a kind of self for fulfilling mini site prophecy I suppose. It is a standalone site in its own right.

    Obviously similar things have been done before, but I believe my CMS may have a number of advantages over using WP, Joomla etc for smaller adsense, aff sites.

    - It is completely resourceless - no need for MySQL back end etc
    - Runs pretty dam quick on any device (managed to get 100% in google pagespeed :D initially but has dropped to 80/90%)
    - Responsive designs
    - Multiple templates - takes one click to change theme
    - No need for updates, plugins etc - zero maintenance
    - WYSISYG editor
    - Multiple Ad placements


    Your thoughts welcome.
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  3. admin Spain

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    Jun 2004
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    Great job! well done.

    Just noticed a small typo
  4. seemly

    seemly Active Member

    Feb 2011
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    Nice work Julian. It will be interesting to see how this is received and if anyone uses it from this forum.

    Not meaning to step on toes, but just wanted to offer some examples of open source / free flat-file CMS's available out there:

    There are probably more out there, but these are ones I have heard of after a little research a while ago (but have not used any of them). is another flat-file CMS, but is $29 per personal license, but may be worth a look.
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