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Domains going Cheap! Welcome to offers!, and more!

Discussion in 'Other Domain Names' started by bizcorp, Aug 16, 2008.

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    Jul 2008
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    Hi all,

    The following domains below are for sale at bargain prices. Feel free to send me an offer. Just make sure its realistic =D. If your interested in buying 2 or more I may give you a discount :D ->
    Useful in a number of professional job areas. ->
    A typo of Estibot valuation $1700 USD. Certainly development opportunities here for this typo. I was going to set up a site to exploit this niche but don't have the time currently. Hotel Ads pay quite nicely :D
    Expires: 6/29/2009 ->
    Commonly used work in conversations when referring to share markets. "The Share markets". Good development opportunity here.
    Expires: 7/28/2009 ->
    One of my favorite domains. Have had previous offers on it but declined to sell it awhile back.
    Expires: 7/01/2009
    ORGS ->
    Nice and short and easy to remember. .com/.net/.info/ all taken.
    Expires: 6/27/2009 ->
    Again, a nice short domain and could easily be developed further.
    Expires: 6/27/2009

    MOBIS ->
    37.8M Results on google for "cond". Also .com/.net/.info/ all taken.
    Expires: 3/5/2009 ->
    .com/.net/.info/ all taken. "Dsl Modem" gives 3.8M results when queried. A nice domain here.
    Expires: 3/27/2009 ->
    Are you a provider of DSL?
    Expires: 2/27/2009 ->
    One word domain. Nice and short with 2.9M results on google for "luffy". Certainly a nice opportunity to developed.
    Expires: 3/6/2009 ->
    This would probably be one of my most favorite domains. Candy Canes are extremely popular around Christmas time and an excellent buy for someone to purchase and hold onto it for christmas. reluctant sale here.
    Expires: 2/28/2009

    .INFO ->
    .com/.net/.org/ all taken. Could put up a website about how to transfer files.
    Expires: 3/18/2009 ->
    POker is a very popular gambling sport and the ads pay quite nicely. This was another domain I was going to build a site on also but haven't got the time.
    Expires: 7/02/2009 ->
    Oil has been in the news a lot lately. You can put up a site with your views on how the oil solution could be fixed. .com/.net/.org/ taken.
    Expires: 7/5/2009 ->
    Again, another opportunity to exploit this niche which has become very popular lately.
    Expires: 7/5/2009 ->
    I like these type of keywords because of their high paying CPC. definitely good domains to put a site on for this reason.
    Expires: 7/5/2009 ->
    Again a nice paying CPC area for a site. .com/.net/.org/ taken.
    Expires: 7/5/2009 ->
    Good opportunity for a hosting provider to set up a small niche site and direct the traffic to their main site. .com/.net/.org all taken also. High CPC which I liked too :D
    Expires: 7/5/2009 ->
    This too is one of my favs :D. Anyone wanting to provide info about gambling in Las Vegas could really do something with this domain. .com/.net/.org/ taken.
    Expires: 7/2/2009 ->
    A review on the different casino sites. Gambling domains are good for devlopment.
    Expires: 7/2/2009 ->
    Again a good name for development.
    Expires: 7/2/2009 ->
    are you a hosting provider situated in the Uk? Then this might be a good domain for you.
    Expires: 7/5/2009

    Domain Expiry dates are listed below the domain. All are registered at Godaddy. Domains will be pushed from one godaddy account to the other. Payment by PayPal please.

    Welcome to all offers.
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