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Discussion in 'Domain Appraisals' started by nparkin0, Dec 14, 2009.

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  1. nparkin0

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    Hi all,

    Wondered what you thought of this domain name. I am currently working on putting up an Amazon store on the site but want to know if anyone has any better ideas.

    I am wanting to sell books obviously however I don't really like the look of amazon a-stores. Has anyone got any better ideas of how to lay everything out. I am wanting to get short descriptions of each book for the content value really (sort of like amazon do - is there any way to get the same content?)

    I would also appriciate ideas of what you think the domain alone is worth. Not looking to sell however if anyone has an interesting offer feel free to contact me :)

    Thanks all,
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    Books are a competitive market and there are a few different business models. I haven't cracked it yet but you can see an example of my cheap textbook sites.

    So you can see that you can retrieve the book information from Amazon with xml. However, there are hundreds or thousands of other book websites doing the same thing so it's all duplicated content in a webspider's eyes.

    I think there are a few off the shelf scripts that you could use (where you either buy the script or there's a profit share from book sales).

    Or just use the A-store. It isn't that bad. Here's one which I've made many sales - Morecambe Books.

    Good luck.
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