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    I am looking for offers for:

    What are Electric Snakes ?
    Can be two things:

    -Semi-submerged ‘Electric-snakes’ to start generating electricity. It is used in commercial ‘wave farm’.
    The snakes: As waves move them, high-pressure oil is pumped through hydraulic motors, and these in turn drive electricity generators. The power is then carried to the shore by an underwater cable.
    Three such generators produce about the same amount of electricity
    as a modern wind turbine – enough to meet 1,500 households’ average needs,
    saving 6,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions a year.
    More Electric-snakes are expected to be installed.

    Second meaning:
    - Plumbers use electric snakes to clean out sewer pipes that are blocked by tree roots and can snag everything and anything flowing through the sewer pipe. This will eventually cause a backup into your drains. This can also cause toilets to backup into sinks and bathtubs if the blockage prevents any drainage at all. If you have such a drainage problem, you will want to call an experienced plumber who knows how to operate electric snakes without damaging pipes.
    As pipes become old, they can gather a build up that prevents the water from flowing through as efficiently as possible. The electric snake can help remove this build up, unclog the pipes and get water running smoothly again.

    Happy to answer all your questions :)
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