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Escrow late payment

Discussion in 'Sold Domains' started by keys, Nov 22, 2004.

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  1. keys United Kingdom

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    Oct 2004
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    I have used twice, at the buyers request. The first sale was to an American Corporation and the Escrow service was excellent. The second time was at the end of August. The buyer paid Escrow and Nominet transferred the domain to him on 28 September. I offered to retag the domain upon his instructions, but instead he made a complaint to Escrow saying he could not use the domain. I wrote to him with a clear explanation of the Tag system. On 5 October he asked me to change the Tag, which I did the same day. During October I emailed Escrow support three times, with no reply.
    At the beginning of November I had another buyer wanting to use Escrow, so I told him not until I get paid for the last transaction. He forwarded my email to Escrow and I received a rapid request for information to investigate the matter. I eventually received payment on 9 November.

    Has anyone else experienced problems with Escrow?
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