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Established software with subscriptions and source code

Discussion in 'UK Websites For Sale' started by jimm, Aug 9, 2009.

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  1. jimm United Kingdom

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    I am possibly thinking of selling a part of my business. This is a distinct part and has been kept totaly apart from the rest.
    It is a piece of software to be used by hosting companies.
    I have x number of leased license customers which are obviously recurring revenue and y number of 'owned' license - who own the license so dont have to pay any more but would be expected to pay for new versions etc if they want the new release (think vB license or ask if you dont follow :) ). The actuall number will be given after initial contact.

    You will get:
    the website
    full rights to the software
    source code
    the IonCube encoded version (for distribution)
    The database for phpaudit. (the phpaudit license is available in negotiations or Im happy to keep this)

    What you need:
    A good knowledge of PHP
    Some knowledge of cPanel and possibly other control panels

    The software has a good reputation. Has no security flaws known and has only one outstanding bug (which is 90% solved).
    This is more than just a website - This is a small business which can easily slot into your existing workload.

    I will be looking for high, possibly edgeing to mid £xxx and will need an NDA before I can reveal anything which is sensitive.

    PM me :D

    [edit to add some more info re NDA]

    As pointed out in a PM the NDA may seem overkill but to be honest its more to stop tyre kickers.

    Basically I wouldnt want the fact the software is for sale to be made available to the customers, especially if it didnt go though.

    This isnt just a website someone could buy and leave for ages (it doesnt take a lot of time but you cant just ignore it either). It has active customers so if someone wouldnt have the time to send an NDA back I would have concerns they would be available to spend any time for the customers.

    Cheers very much :D
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