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Discussion in 'NON-UK websites for sale' started by alexjames01, Jun 30, 2007.

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    Jun 2007
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    0 is a 10 month old domain with a valid & stable PR4. It's an established weblog about Web Design and Development as well as Graphic Design. It has 1,183 links to it from many different Web Design/Development blogs such as and such (w/ many others).

    It's alexa rank is 156,870 (meaning hundreds to thousands of visits on any given day). Over 60+ feedburner subscribers. Technorati Rank: 69,286 & Authority: 75.

    It has links on with anywhere from 50 - 300+ user bookmarks to its articles.

    It has 3 articles that have been "stumbleupon-ed" highly.

    All content is handwritten and 100% unique by me. This includes all tutorials as well. Everything.

    This blog has never used content from other sources nor "blogged" any other article from another site.

    It comes with full rights to all content as well as the design (graphics/logo and all). All graphics are custom, all photoshop downloads are custom.

    I must mention that the design is custom but is built upon the "hemmingway" theme. Very little of that original theme/code even exists. And it IS legit. The original author of the theme it was built upon (kyle neath) knows of its design personally. No problems there.

    The design has been featured in many different Web Design Galleries including:

    CSS Based
    Most Inspired
    Deign Yorkshire
    Designs Creme
    W3C Sites
    Web Digity
    CSS Container

    It also comes with rights to its content such as the Wordpress theme: fusion (containing a link back). And the blog icons, brushes, etc. All of which contain links back when downloaded (in readme or in brush).

    It contains rights to the Web 2.0 gradients and other Brushes which are popular on and have links back to the site.

    It's three most popular articles are:

    Why I am selling??:

    I have found other ventures that take up all my time. It would not be fair to let the site sit there.

    I have built it up from nothing in the past few months and it has been very rewarding.

    The name is easily brandable and already half-is. This thing is my baby but I have to have time to work on a new project.

    Also note: You get one free upcoming article(s) I have been working on "Introduction to Ruby On Rails" Which was going to be a series of articles aimed at teaching beginner users Ruby On Rails. If you buy for the BIN, i will gladly continue this 5 part series so you have constant incoming articles for awhile. This should be its most successful article(s).
    Revenue Details:

    This site had income of about $3-$4 + a day for some time (via adsense) in the beginning.
    I did not have many ad's on the page and have sense removed almost ALL of them except for one at the end of each post.
    So it's revenue is small right now for obvious reasons (no ads). I did not intend to make money off of it (i am a web designer, not an adsense incomer).

    Its TextLink ads are valued:

    - From -

    The estimated value of a single link on is: $19 /month
    If you were to sell 8 links on, you could generate $152/month in revenue for your website.

    This site has much potention for revenue if used for it (which i didn't).
    Traffic Details:

    This is hard to ballpark... My articles get picked up by bigger sites out of nowhere every few days and i can get thousands (2+) of unique visitors... then a few days later if it wears off, i'll get only few hundreds.

    Starting Bid: $355 USD (An offered I've Recieved already)

    BIN: $1,900 USD

    Site reg. till 2009
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  3. alexjames01

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    This one is gone...
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