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    This is an excellent name, in a very competitive field (see below).

    "Forex Exchange" has over 90 PPC Sponsors with Adwords, with clicks as high as $12.50

    Paid Sponsors "forex exchange" - Google Search

    The term is also widely used (270,000 results with quotes) and boasts some excellent stats:

    - Adword competition: 100%
    - Ave Search Volume (exact): 5,400
    - Overture score: +3,000
    - Taken in virtually every extension

    The Foreign Currency Exchange Market (FOREX) is an international market place where trading takes place on the world’s major currencies such as the United States Dollar, the Swiss Franc, the Euro, the Japanese Yen, and British Pound. Forex trading is not bound to any one floor but done electronically between a network of banks continuously over a 24 hour period. There is no centralized location for trading activity as there is in stocks. Trading occurs over the phone and through the computer terminals and over the Internet at locations worldwide.

    The advent of the internet and commensurate sophisticated software has opened a whole new world for the small investor allowing him to trade this profitable market place from the comfort of his dwelling or office. All trades are calculated on this very sophisticated computer system and finally executed through the system via a designated market broker.

    There has been an explosion of online investment accounts as sophisticated private investors realize the advantages of trading with Forex over the Internet.

    This domain is internationally recognizable, instantly brandable and is easy to remember.

    BIN is set at $3,000
    Taking offers starting at $500
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