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Discussion in 'UK Websites For Sale' started by SIMONR85, Nov 12, 2010.

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  1. SIMONR85

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    For Sale

    make me offers £xxx min

    This website has been running since 1st october 2007 and has made me a lot of money through free sim card commissions and mobile phone contracts, i am just struggling for time now to monetise it properly as i have my other favourite websites that are earning me more money.

    Stats (from google analytics)-

    26,999 unique visitors since 3rd oct 2007

    11,787 of them have been between oct 3 2009 and today so its getting more traffic now per year.

    908 uniques between 11oct 2010 - 11 nov 2010

    this sale includes the website and domain or just the domain if thats what the buyer prefers

    any questions please ask, and i will send more in depth stats to serious interested partys only

    many thanks

    (EDIT - since friday 9pm i have put adsense on and updated affiliate links for o2 and t-mobile free sim cards, it made £0.81 friday night from adsense and £1.50 from affiliate network and yesterday it made £1.22 on adsense and £1.50 from affiliate links, so thats £1350 per year at that rate)
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