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Frequently asked questions....about my content services

Discussion in 'Services Wanted' started by laurenessex, Dec 21, 2012.

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    I just thought I'd put a few details on here, as a lot of the same questions crops up, and it feels like I am repeating myself a bit!

    I am a professional writer, and have been since 2000, I work in both the journalism and copywriting field, and do other bits in between other work projects, such as the type of work I have sourced here in the past.

    I do have minimum rates for different types of work, and do not budge on these, as the saying goes, you wouldn't expect a plumber to work for less/nothing. I also care about giving high quality, well researched, consistent content, and this is what my clients get everytime.

    I do have some samples on my website, so please do go and look at, or contact me for something specific. Anything there isn't samples available for, is ghost blogging work for private clients.

    I have written for a number of Acorn customers in the past.

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