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Discussion in 'General Board' started by info-news, Apr 16, 2009.

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    Apr 2009
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    Hello. I open this post to introduce my website, which I have developed with great effort and I put much effort into improving everyday. My initial idea was a long way in addressing the search daily newspapers to be done in the network to go online with the news. What I did then? I put in one place the 108 front pages of newspapers in the world.

    The page in question is

    What Contain?
    The main headlines of the newspapers in the world, divided as follows: USA and Canada, Europe, America, Asia & Pacific News Agencies. May have a first initial screen to see the big titles, but if they click on the home they want to read carefully, you will see from the normal size to read it completely. Then if you want to join the newspaper, with a click on the cover will.

    I hope to assist in day to day in your work, or what searches you need to do and I look forward to your comments or criticisms, which are very important for me the way I developed.

    Of course, if anyone has a site and want to exchange links, your email will be waiting for such a change (

    Thank you very much.

    Santiago Martin, Capital Federal, Argentina.

    PS: The page is updated automatically, so every morning you will have online. Modifying and enlarging the go, but I think it fulfills a special service.
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