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Discussion in 'Other Domain Names' started by accelerator, Sep 7, 2011.

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    I regged this domain a long time ago after seeing the massive popularity of game cheat searches, as evidenced by the Google broad searches below. I am undergoing a rationalisation of my development portfolio, and I don't want to develop a game cheat site, as I'm not a gamer so don't have huge knowledge in this sector. I do think there is reasonable traffic potential for someone committed to the sector though. I guess there is good AdSense potential and possibly potential for selling video games.

    If you're interested in this domain, make your offer quickly, as I've set it to cancel in It expires on 8 Sep 2011. I will sell it to you providing I don't encounter any problems with renewal (after opting for cancellation) in the 123-reg control panel. So, if you're really interested, be quick, as we could get the deal done today.

    I'm looking for offers from £350. All offers should be in the thread. Best offer by 9pm today will take the domain. No thread sniping, I will extend the offer period by 10 minute intervals as necessary.

    Google broad searches:
    1,830,000 Global
    135,000 Local

    Google exacts:
    2,900 Global
    140 Local

    Thanks :cool:
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