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Discussion in 'Domain Appraisals' started by justwondering, Dec 23, 2010.

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    Hmmmm i was looking at gaming related domain names and noticed , , etc have good exacts each month with high cpc .

    so with computer tablets been the next big thing ,i decided to reg gamingtablet and gamingtablets c0.united kingdom.

    I know the names are a dual edged sword with the actual mouse replacement type tablets and the possible furture market for gaming tablets.....

    Adword tools , shows there no real market there at the moment..

    was this a good buy for the future ? was it worth hand regging ? any opinions on there value ?

    any gueses what and are worth to perhaps give a stab in the dark as to what gamingtablet and gamingtablets could be worth in the future ?? if there becomes a market for gamingtablets devices for playing games on..
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