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    I am offering a 50% discount on all of the domains below for the next 48 hours. There are some solid deals here so a bunch will probably go quick.

    First to reply with their domain(s) of interest will get them - individual prices marked to the right (sale prices in parenthesis). Multi forum post.

    All domains are with GoDaddy - Payments via PayPal within 24 Hours - Free push to GoDaddy accounts

    These are domain only sales with no sites or content - the descriptions posted below each domain are suggestions on how they might be utilized. | $200 > ($100)
    Poster site (eCommerce, affiliate, galleries, etc). | $600 > ($300)
    Memorable and brandable name for a company, product or service in the WiFi market. | $400 > ($200)
    Domain parking service or advertising network. | $400 > ($200)
    Name tracking/monitoring service, drop catch service, copyright protection/tracking, etc. | $200 > ($100)
    Memorable name for a financial service provider (loans, credit, investing, etc). | $200 > ($100)
    Pay Per Click advertising company, product or service (management, optimization, tracking, etc). | $500 > ($250)
    Directory of gas prices searchable by state, city, zip code, price, etc. - sms/text/email alerts ( just sold last weeks Moniker Auction for $225,000) | $400 > ($200)
    Company or service in the Social Media space. | $4,500 > ($2,250)
    Category-owning domain for a company, video site, podcasting network or internet radio station. The term Citizen Broadcasting has been growing in popularity over the last few years and will continue to as more people adopt the social media tools that allow their voices to be heard (do a search for "citizen broadcasting" on google to get a better sense of this movement). is a good example of Citizen Broadcasting. CNN just bought for $750,000 for their Citizen Journalism site. Video, podcasting and internet radio will continue to grow and this is the domain name that represents this category. | $250 > ($125)
    Person to person social lending site. | $200 > ($100)
    Product or service to protect companies (legal, finance, compliance, liability, etc). | $300 > ($150)
    Service or software to track off-line sales that originated online (unique 800 numbers, promo codes, etc). | $300 > ($150)
    Memorable and credible name for a debt counseling company or lead referral service. | $250 > ($125)
    Marketplace of locations offering free wifi service and sell/auction sponsored listings around it - this market has tremendous potential if done well. | $150 > ($75)
    Real Estate or venture capital service. | $200 > ($100)
    Mobile marketing company, product or service. | $200 > ($100)
    Solid name for a media company (regenerate: To form, construct, or create anew, especially in an improved state. To give new life or energy to; revitalize). | $400 > ($200)
    Screen capture or data collection software. | $200 > ($100)
    Site or blog that covers interesting things, or the name of a retail store/site that sells interesting products (Over 2,000,000 results in Google for "so interesting"). | $200 > ($100)
    Domain monetization service. | $200 > ($100)
    Widget to aggregate listings from auto sites to your desktop (by make, model, price, keywords, etc). | $200 > ($100)
    Domain name resource site (whois, expiring names list, auction aggregator, word combinator, etc). | $200 > ($100)
    Memorable name for a blog or news service that reports on startup ventures or a mashup of existing news services. | $250 > ($125)
    Brandable domain for a Whey Protein Product. | $200 > ($100)
    Well, it sure looks that way... | $60 > ($30)
    Video classified advertising service. | $60 > ($30)
    Hosting company or related service. | $60 > ($30)
    Directory of available retail space in Chicago, Illinois. | $60 > ($30)
    Software or resource site for the Foreign Exchange Market (Wikipedia page - | $60 > ($30)
    The name basically says it all. | $60 > ($30)
    Greenwich, Connecticut is one of the most affluent towns in the US
    and is also home to many hedge funds and financial service
    companies. The search phrase "greenwich commercial real estate"
    currently has several advertisers in Google. Greenwich Wikipedia

    ========== | $250 > ($125)
    Mount Kennedy is a peak in the Saint Elias Mountains within Kluane National Park, in Yukon, Canada. After the assassination of John F. Kennedy, it was the highest peak in North America that had not yet been climbed, and it was named in his honor.

    Pictures of Mount Kennedy -

    ========== | $800 > ($400)
    Kids and adults are now spending millions of dollars every month on virtual goods to outfit their avatars, virtual worlds and Facebook profile pages (Susan Wu, a principal in Charles River Ventures writes that the industry is over $1.5 Billion annually and growing). 2007 saw the first conference dedicated to Virtual Goods ( - here's the 1st paragraph from their home page:

    "The Virtual Goods Summit is a one day conference focused on the emerging market opportunity for virtual goods and economies. Once restricted to the world of online gaming, virtual goods and currencies are beginning to influence the development of social networks, community sites, and many other new and exciting markets."

    Headlines and quotes on Virtual Goods:

    Virtual Goods: The Next Big Business Model - TechCrunch
    Sony Gets Real on Virtual Goods - Wired
    Making Real Money from Virtual Goods - GigaOM

    All 6 Domains as a package | $600 > ($300) will not separate
    There are thousands of blogger breakfasts, lunches and dinners regularly scheduled all over the world (search google for more info). These domains can be developed into a global network for bloggers and monetized with advertising, sponsorships and premium services.
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