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Generic domain selling question

Discussion in 'Domain Name Disputes' started by figleaf007, Apr 30, 2009.

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  1. figleaf007 United Kingdom

    figleaf007 Active Member

    Oct 2006
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    I recently nabbed a nice domain name, which I'd like to re-sell. My instinct is to email the guys who own and ask them if they want the hyphenated version. They do not have the trademark for these two terms.

    Is there any nominet/legal issue here? Could they argue I have bought the name in bad faith? (which I didn't as I bought the domain without looking up anything else first.

    Thanks v much for your advice
  2. Domain Forum

    Acorn Domains Elite Member

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  3. Blackpool

    Blackpool Member

    May 2009
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    I dont see a problem with this, although i have read cases where the genericgeneric owners file a dispute as soons as they know you own the generic-generic domain, and with you asking cash for this domain, it wont help either.
  4. andydw

    andydw Active Member

    Sep 2008
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    if you have time, stick a site up with some relevant content and if you are worried sit on it for X months while adding some backlinks.

    If you can get some traffic on it and a PR it will be more attractive to the owners of the genericgeneric as a 301 redirect or as a standallone lead-generating minisite.

    Not too familiar with the legal position but if it aint a trademark, cant see what they would be whining about and easier to just cough up some cash for it if they think it is worthwhile.

    Someone over here owns a similar site to one of mine with an S on the end.
    For some unkown reason his crappy site is still up their with mine in the SERPS - most annoying and I have thought about making him an offer. I wouldnt even think about it though if he wasnt on the first page of google for the same search terms as me.
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