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Discussion in 'Website Reviews' started by retired_member34, Jan 27, 2012.

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  1. retired_member34

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    Jul 2008
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    I listed this site for review a few years ago, having recently re-developed it I thought I would offer it for review again.

    It is a website for a local town, Bridgend.

    It still lists all the businesses in the area without charge to them, but combines 2 commercial data sources, one for rich data - high street shops with photographs, the other for plain listings data for smaller businesses. To this I have aggregated the Food Standards Agency hygiene ratings whether good or bad and not just for restaurants but schools and care homes etc.

    We are also aggregating published event data from the area from the local libraries, council, theatre groups, the police force, local sports teams and mapping it all by time, date and place. This event listing is without charge and is open to all local community efforts to list their own events, which they have started to use.

    We managed to source a good Bridgend weather forecast that actually is generated for the town, not for a port 15 miles away (which is what comes from the Met Office, even for the BBC forecast for the town), which offers hourly forecast for the next 6 hours, then the more normal 48 hour and long term forecasts, to this we added historical Met Office data for the current month in the last 3 years. Next week the forecast will be displayed on an event page if it happens within the next week. If it happens the same evening then we'll show the appropriate hourly forecast.

    Next to come will be aggregation of house price data with planning data, and producing hyperlocal (down to areas within the town) annual house price analysis.

    We're still not generating any news, we simply aggregate links to RSS feeds from the BBC, local papers.

    There's still lots more in the pipeline, not least actually starting to market the site to local businesses.

    Any comments welcome. Cheers. :p
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  3. Fokebox

    Fokebox Member

    Aug 2011
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    Here there some recommendations I would give:
    1) The list on the top "News", "Pubs" etc. seems to me strange. I would change the structure of this menu
    2) Gray text for me is not so readable. I suggest to make it darker
    3) " on Twitter" the fot size is quite small and hard to read
    Best wishes,
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