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Give me 1 link, I'll give you 2 in return

Discussion in 'Services Wanted' started by Frog, Jan 29, 2011.

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  1. Frog

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    I'm looking for links to

    You can either link to the homepage, or you can link to a blog post (click the months under archives to see the post titles to choose from).

    If you want to link from old content thats fine, but if you are going to link from an old dated post, please link to the homepage. It will look a bit weird if you link from an old post to a post on my site thats dated Jan 2011 :)

    Whatever you give me, I'll give you 2 of the same quality back. I have more than 1000 sites so whatever you give me I am sure I can return the favour. If you want your links back to some random other niche or whatever, thats not a problem.

    I will give back the same type of links - ie a blogroll on a pr3 site gets two of the same back, if you want to stick a link in a "contact us" page or something I will give you exactly double back of that too, so just whatever you can fit, we will take!

    Feel free to just place the links, email me where the link is and what sites you want linking back to in return. The more the merrier, if you want to add 10,20,30 thats perfect. I'm not worried about pagerank and so on, as long as the site has at least some real content and is indexed in Google thats okay.

    Please direct any email to rampagejackson321... thats at gmail

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