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_co_uk GoldPlan Swap for.coms - some high ranking

Discussion in 'Domain Name Swaps' started by Dizzy, Mar 26, 2011.

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  1. Dizzy United Kingdom

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    Mar 2011
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    Looking to swap (or sell) some domains for some .coms.

    Interested in anything brandable or keyword friendly that you may have - even risky stuff.

    Most below with GoDaddy or Heart Internet, so would ideally like the .coms with GoDaddy if poss.


    Perfect for an online directory of offline businesses – Brandable

    Ranking on Bing (Pos.2) and Yahoo (Pos.4) for the term 99p and Google for the term everything 99p (Pos.5) and 99p and Under (Pos.9)

    Aged nearly 4 years, brandable gold domain name

    A fun domain for an alternative dating site maybe?

    Ranking well on Bing (No.1 to No.4 for Various Keywords)


    Position No.4 on Google for New Shower. No.1 on Yahoo.

    Green, .com & .info

    A trio for the Eco Friendly Car Cleaners

    350000 Full Time Dads in the UK. Must be a good market there for a forum or something? Ready to exploit, keyword friendly domain.


    Good at spotting em? Grab the domain to prove it!

    Like your domains with dashes? Or always running around? Or just love your dashboard? This is the domain for you.

    A keyword friendly domain for anybody who sells, makes or treats car leather seats.

    Let me know what you have and we can go from there. Interested in any .com ( or .org at a push).
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