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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by anley, Sep 21, 2009.

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  1. anley

    anley New Member

    Sep 2009
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    I have a portfolio of 91 domain names to sell. They are all and split up into 10 UK counties.
    For example:cambridgecurry, cambridgedoctor, cambridgedoctors, cambridgekebab, cambridgemuseums................
    All names have an expiry date fo 26 August 2011.
    I am selling because I have two large websites which require all my time as well as travel to Europe.
    The package is priced at £2275 +vat so contact can be made at
    Take a look at what Machex Inc does in the USA and that's a trend coming to the UK.
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  3. retired_member13

    retired_member13 Banned

    Jul 2009
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    Welcome to Acorn...

    Not sure what the other names are that you have in your collection, but the ones you listed get very little by way of exact searches in the UK (132 exact searches for all 5 names). For three of them the search volume is zero - meaning no-one in the UK is actually looking for [Cambridge Kebab] or [Cambridge Curry] etc.

    If you mean "Marchex Inc" in the US, it is true that they do use generic domain names, but they tend to go for high search volume names, such as [110,000 exact matches], [14,800 exact matches] & [18,100 exact matches].

    When it comes to generic names, it's really the ones with actual search volume for the geo location that matches the extension that have value. Interestingly [cambridge curry] has a higher search volume globally [58 exact searches] than it does in the UK, probably due to the fact that there are other places called Cambridge across the world.

    If you're interested btw, is currently free to register - I didn't check the others.

    Best wishes,

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