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Discussion in 'General Board' started by doodlebug, Jun 28, 2010.

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    Todays RSS feed entitled 9th in series leads you to this site

    On there is a recommended way to make money by suggesting new domains to businesses, if they like the ones you have chosen then they register them and you get paid approx £10 per domain by the suggestion site, sounds good but a little research tells me that contributors suggestions are being accepted by businesses but no one is getting paid or even having their e-mails replied to by the suggestion site

    Have a read of these articles Read the comments on the bottom of this article

    Check this Personal blog

    Do your own research and see what you think ?

    Thanks :cool:

    ps. I won't stick them on just yet as I would like others opions.

    NB* I don't think the owner of has anything to do with the .com or I hope not :?
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