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Hello Everyone....I'm new

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by FCH2, Oct 26, 2006.

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  1. FCH2

    FCH2 New Member

    Oct 2006
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    I just joined your community and I hope to learn more about the domains and how you guys feel about alternative energy domain names in particular. I'm from the US and I have about 760 domains registered with most of them being alternative or clean energy names. Most are dotcoms but I do have a few mixed in. I specialize in fuelcell (FC) and hydrogen (H2) names. I'm a firm believer in the global warming threat and I'm convinced we are at the threshold of a world hydrogen economy. I don't believe it will be much longer before we begin seeing big breakthroughs in new FCH2 technology.

    My complete list of names (except for a handful recently registered) can be seen on this website,

    I recently listed the FuelcellDomains website with all its content (over 750 domains) for sale on eBay with a starting bid of $487,000 USD. It will probably take a while to sell but its understandable and OK with me. As time goes by my names will be more popular and more valuable. IMHO

    I apprecaite any and all comments....thanks
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  3. retired_member6

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    Apr 2005
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    I tried dabbling with tech but to be honest I stopped reading the new scientist years ago.

    I've got, and, and a few straight biocell domains, if they haven't dropped already.


    PS: Someone will have a field day pairing your .coms with vacant .uks if they share the same belief.
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  4. disruptive

    disruptive Well-Known Member

    Jun 2006
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    There aint anyway on this planet that those names are worth half a million US$

    I would not pay more than $100 for all of them. I appreciate what you are trying to do but you are very misguided in thinking that these names are worth anything!

    OK you may have picked up one or two that are worth more than zero. What happens if fuel cells dont make it?

    I have and a few fuel cell names. But the number you have is a hiding to no where!
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