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Homepage Update and new products

Discussion in 'NameDrive' started by NameDriver, Feb 28, 2007.

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  1. NameDriver

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    After a pause of not announcing many new things out of the ND Factory, I'm delighted to say that our revamped homepage with five new products is now live.

    One of the new products, BrokerSelect is a brand new broker service which pioneers a no-sale, no-fee approach. Each request is assessed on its merit. If we feel we can acheive your goals, we will take on the brokerage and attempt to buy/sell the domain for you for no upfront cost. Only if our brokers are successful does our competitive commission come into play. This increases the success rate as well as cancelling the need for speculative upfront payments.

    Also part of the new launch is Mister Blogs, our friend in charge of informing you guys what is going on at NameDrive. While we have always had a large presence on the forums, our distribution of information has never before been centralised before. Mister Blogs will gather all information in one area: NameDrive news, updates and alerts can be found here. We will, of course, continue to communicate on the forums, but you now know where you can find all official ND news. He also gives the lowdown on the new products we have launched, so have a good read through.

    More new things to come, check back often. We hope you continue to enjoy NameDrive as we push forward to providing a full suite of tools for your domaining needs.

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    Ive not had time to look into the new features in any great details Ed, but im sure its up to the usual super ND offering.

    Nice to see a parking company not resting on its laurels and developing its offering.
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