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Discussion in 'Other Domain Names' started by lochdhu, Apr 2, 2009.

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    I'm Entertaining offers for the Generic Mainstream Domain

    I am considering selling the domain with, or without the website, this is one of those good domains that offers "Instantaneous services" that a lot of domain investors want, with minimal work on your part.

    I just put the website up 2 months ago, and already have 300+ members, and traffic has grown from 50-60 uniques a day, to 80-100 uniques a day (and Growing Fast) while being half-assed developed (I'm slow at these things, developing isn't my strongest skill set) I am currently running the site free to build up the user base of Sitters and Home Owners so I look Established and Reputable , but after a year (providing I don't sell it here) I will turn it into a subscription based site when I have completed development of the site if I haven't sold it here.

    The domain can be monetized in several ways, by Charging for BackGround check services, Featured member services, or do like other sites do, and charge House Sitters a yearly fee, There are quite a few sites out there that charge $45-99 a year for this service, with different revenue models, so do your research, and you'll see this is a great domain with a lot of potential $$$ when established and completed with a larger user base.
    I have no revenue Stats yet, cause I am currently running the site free of charge.

    domain expires 3-14-10, and is housed at

    stats :

    Will entertain offers above 50k USD but have a BIN price of 100k USD, Buyer pays all Escrow Fees. PM me if you have any other questions.
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