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How does dropcathing work? What are slots?

Discussion in 'Drop catching Domain Names' started by Erdi, Dec 29, 2010.

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  1. Erdi

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    Nov 2010
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    Can please somebody explain how to dropcatch domains?

    1. Is there a pending delete stage like .com have?

    2. Can you get a list of domains with their dropping date next to them? Are there such websites?

    3. What are public and private dropcatchers? When talking about private do you mean domainers who use their registrar api scripts?

    4. What are slots? I see people talking about available slots.

    5. Have you ever bought expiring domains at Dynadot auctions? They seem to do only a domain push without transferring the domain through nominet. If I understand this correctly you end up with a domain in your Dynadot account that you control but you don't officially own. So I should probably stay away from Dynadot auctions for Am I correct?

    6. With dot com you have pre-release auctions. The reason why you have them is because all expired com's get free auto renewal by the registry (verisign) for 45 days after expiry. The domains stays in control of the registrar therefore they are able to auction it of exclusively before those 45 days are over.

    For instance all .com moniker domains go to snapnames, all enom domains go to namejet and all godaddy domains go to auction at the godaddy website during those 45 days. Only if they are not sold during pre-release then they continue through the expire stage and finally reach pending delete.

    Now can somebody explain the expire process in a simple way I would understand?
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