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Hugeeee sale,many one word domains, .coms,and other extensions inlcuding property .hn

Discussion in 'Other Domain Names' started by plavi9, Jun 4, 2010.

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    May 2006
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    Here are some of domains i am currently selling.

    - Please note that i will not accept few $ offers so please be realistic with your offer

    - I dont ask for end-user prices on forum, but will not sell for peanuts either;)
    - If you check this list carefuly, you will find many great domains inside

    - many of these domains are appraised very high and many of these names have high number of exact monthly searches

    - many of them are one word domains, or combination of two good keywords

    - end-users market for them is almoust untouched as i am too lazy to send end-user letters

    - i am ready to consider your individual offer, but would prefer some $ offers for the lot of few domains

    - i can accept Paypal, Moneybookers or transaction

    LocalMiss .com
    Legur .com
    dysmorphism .com
    illegaly .com
    ClearingCompany .com
    CarnivalClothes .com
    ZoomProjector .com
    ExDividendDay .com
    DomainingForLiving .com
    EnjoyDomaining .com
    PMSperod .com
    DNcustody .com
    BusinessPhases .com
    ProtectOwnership .com
    OwnershipProtection .com
    MonetizeKnowlegde .com
    HandleMortgage .com
    TalentsForum .com
    Madrid365 .com
    DivingBottle .com
    DivingBottles .com
    3Dprogramme .com
    3Dprogrammes .com
    FreeFacebookAdvertising .com
    AlreadyTold .com
    BestManagerAward .com
    DomainingSkills .com
    EnglandForecast .com
    LosAngelesForecast .com
    Minicompass .com
    ResearchInside .com
    StockPriceReview .com
    StockPricesReview .com
    WeightDumbbell .com
    WeightDumbells .com
    3Dresolutions .com

    Presscut .net
    InvestingStrategy .net
    deformations .net
    CyberCounsel .net
    3Dtext .net
    3Ddesigners .net

    madness .biz
    InvestingStrategy .biz
    deodorants .biz
    DubaiCreek .biz
    BusinessGift .biz

    OnlineFootball .org
    GolfPlayers .org
    PRmanager .org
    ballasts .org

    RealestateInsurance .info
    DubaiCreek .info
    LondonAccommodations .info
    subcultures .info
    BuenosAiresCity .info
    RioCity .info
    DG1 .info
    BalancedFunds .info
    BargainFurniture .info
    BusinessProject .info
    Fena .info
    FinancialSector .info
    FootballTalents .info
    ForexQuestions .info
    FormerPresidents .info
    GangstaRap .info
    iCasinos .info
    IndianRupee .info
    LongTermLoans .info
    MexicanDomains .info
    MonetizeDomains .info
    MotoSports .info
    participations .info
    PaymentSolutions .info
    peninsulas .info
    position69 .info
    PrivateBusiness .info
    QuickCredits .info
    R3G .info
    Rechtsanwalte .info
    RetailBusiness .info
    SectorFunds .info
    SicilianMafia .info
    SouthAfricanRepublic .info
    UserProfile .info

    brokerage .mx
    cottage .mx
    delete .mx
    desk .mx
    desks .mx
    discuss .mx
    municipal .mx
    recruitment .mx
    rnb .mx
    shares .mx
    speakers .mx
    statistics .mx
    students .mx
    take .mx

    shield .tv
    pencils .tv
    informational .tv
    regret .tv
    promocode .tv

    mobsters .eu
    Faroeisland .eu
    missed .eu
    SavingMoney .eu
    frugal .eu
    RestaurantEquipment .eu
    H0T .eu (0 is zero)
    mistake .eu
    OnlineSchool .eu
    gratitude .eu
    TeenJobs .eu
    InternationalInsurance .eu
    TVsale .eu
    InvestingStrategy .eu
    fests .eu
    Donetsk .eu
    ChildrensToys .eu
    InjuryAttorney .eu

    beverages .be
    settings .be
    MoneyMarket .be

    install .im

    dvd .fm

    TheBusiness .mobi

    digitel .in
    Juventus .in
    DomainTrading .in
    mobster .in
    mobsters .in
    SmallHotel .in
    spies .in
    TVmarketing .in
    proprietary .in
    cybersquatting .in
    KuwaitCity .in
    salesmen .in
    WellnessResort .in
    OnlineFootball .in
    DubaiCreek .in
    AccountManager .in
    OffshoreAccount .in
    stair .in
    handymen .in
    liberalism .in
    ideology .in
    qualifications .in
    striker .in
    settler .in
    Prozac .in
    Ross .in
    chapters .in
    joints .in
    superhero .in
    diplomats .in
    fugitive .in
    polygraph .in
    GlobalInvestors .in
    webnet .in
    Roberta .in
    Beata .in
    troubles .in
    congressman .in
    congressmen .in
    cabrios .in
    fears .in
    uxi .in
    ForexBusiness .in
    indialot .in
    UsedParts .in
    torture .in
    BlueJeans .in
    BirthdayPresent .in
    BirthdayCakes .in
    marmalade .in
    BaseballGlove .in
    BaseballEquipment .in
    Kosovo .in
    ForeverYoung .in

    imperia .us
    VegasRestaurants .us
    FresnoRestaurants .us
    subvention .us
    download .us
    ATPtour .us
    LottoJackpot .us
    FresnoRestaurant .us
    LottoJackpot .us
    ATPtours .us
    SeasonalJob .us
    SeasonalJobs .us
    VirtualLife .us
    PrivateBusiness .us
    deformation .us
    deformity .us
    determination .us
    buckling .us
    VacuumBag .us
    consumerism .us
    InvestingStrategy .us
    PokerKing .us
    illegally .us
    accusations .us
    UltimateFight .us
    handbrake .us
    AboutPoker .us
    WellnessResort .us
    JustBusiness .us
    r-t .us
    XXXrated .us
    VirtualJobs .us
    GlobalInvestors .us
    BusinessGift .us
    WirelessToys .us
    DigitalProperty .us
    Online3D .us
    3Dforum .us
    WirelessMonitor .us
    PVCwindows .us
    PushupBra .us
    WirelessMonitors .us
    3dimension .us
    AutoEquipment .us
    cabrios .us
    FormerPredisents .us
    Grenadines .us
    HolidayLoan .us
    HolidayLoans .us
    hundreds .us
    iBlackjack .us
    MarketingSolutions .us
    medicaments .us
    MiniTV .us
    MotoSport .us
    NewsPortal .us
    PRmanager .us
    RealestateBrokerage .us
    RetailBusiness .us
    TouristAgency .us
    WebNetwork .us
    GoodDay .us
    BaseballLeague .us

    WirelessPrinters .de
    speculations .de
    DebtAdvisor .de
    QuickLoan .de
    MiniPhones .de

    goodwill .ws
    feminism .ws
    features .ws
    fest .ws
    patience .ws
    headset .ws
    ForexTraders .ws
    USBstick .ws
    Casablanca .ws
    Hollister .ws
    devices .ws
    Betty .ws
    cheeseburger .ws
    tomato .ws

    property .hn
    business .gy

    If you are too lazy to send me your offer via PM, post it here, but would be better to send me PM.

    Again, please be realistic with your offers, and be serious. If i accept your offer, that means that i will sell to you for accepted amount, and not to anyone else no matter how high offer i might receive later, so i expect that if you offer some amount which i accept that you will pay.

    Bulk offerd welcomed, but feel free to send your individual offers as well.

    Dont be shy, PM me or post your offer, and we might make a deal:)

    You can also send me e-mail on jbolanca (at)
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