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If you own/love dogs please read!

Discussion in 'General Board' started by dragon, Mar 29, 2010.

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    I setup a website and forum for a bullmastiff & neapolitan mastiff dog rescue nearly 5 years ago, it's now got a mascot named Wilbur thanks to the efforts of Sara who has done most of the leg work with rescuing and rehoming dogs, along with Mike who worked his socks off until having to reduce his workload late last year.

    Our mascot Wilbur is only 12 weeks old and he's an English Mastiff - he was rescued by Sara after the RSPCA had found him in a terrible state, he was basically used as a football and now has damage to his legs and potentially internals too. She has taken him to the vet and in her words...

    "Wilbur is in the vets at the moment he has been vomiting and shaking etc. They think he may have either
    1: an obstruction in his bowel,
    2: His intestines are not working as they should be.
    So far the bill with no operation just the xrays fluids over night stay etc is £1092.00 pounds Please help by donating what you can click on the pay pal link here - - or "

    A facebook group has also been setup here called Save Wilbur:!/group.php?gid=109021652452473&ref=mf

    Also, Toby Mott: Is kindly donating a set of mugs to be auctioned of to help with Wilburs treatment. The Toby label is designed by artist Toby Mott, who started the collection in November 1998 when he transferred the slogans from his cult paintings onto t-shirts to sell in a London shop called The Cross. These first few t-shirts sold out within a week to the likes of Kate Moss and Zoe Ball. From this beginning the label that we know and love as Toby Shop.

    Toby Mott is so very kindly donating theses limited Edition Mugs. Please take a look I will let you know when the auction will be. Thank you so much Toby.

    If this message can be passed on to as many people as possible it would be greatly appreciated!

    Oh and a pic of Wilbur.....

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