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Discussion in 'Nominet Tag Holders' started by retired_member6, Aug 1, 2009.

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    I'm angry this morning as I failed to catch a name because of this situation. I had £119 on account last night, added £75 cash to unallocated late Friday afternoon to ensure I'd last the weekend. This morning, unbeknown to me, the membership renewal invoice has been added to my account, £115.

    At the same time, my available credit was reduced from £119 down to £4 meaning I had no credit left to register domains. Is this right? do you agree with the way this happens? that when an invoice is added it reduces the actual credit put on account but no money is actually taken? I'm sure it wasn't always like this.

    I'm sure it used to be that the credit limit total would exceed and the cash reserve on account would stay the same. What I don't understand is where that clear credit disappears to inbetween it being paid with no invoice being actually paid? I understand I have a credit limit but even that goes over when a new invoice comes when it exceeds the credit limit, why take clear cash, operational cash when invoice not even due to be paid yet?

    £119 clear cash / credit on account on unallocated.

    £115 invoice arrives which is on 30 day or more terms

    Nothing gets paid but lose £115 clear cash / unallocated credit and operations forced to cease

    Pay £115 cash from card and it shows again

    I don't think it's correct that invoices should be added out of office hours where nothing can be done but to settle the bill to stay operational, I don't think it's right that unallocated cash should be removed when no invoice has even been paid, especially when on month terms.

    When I phoned to top up cash yesterday afternoon, I wasn't advised I'd lose £115 in the morning so maybe I should consider adding more to stay operational, I wasn't advised this morning that an invoice had been added to my account by email at the same time it was added, surely if an automated system, then this is possible, I also wasn't advised my credit limit was low after invoice was added, again possible if an automated system.

    I'm probably urinating in the wind but I've asked for the domain I would've regged had my account been in credit which is wasn't due to operational credit being taken away, to be put in my name, it won't happen but it should happen. Does anyone else disagree with this invoicing proceadure or am i just grumpy?
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