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Is dropcather finished ?

Discussion in 'Detagged or Suspended UK Domain Names' started by urbanvilla, May 15, 2005.

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  1. urbanvilla

    urbanvilla Active Member

    Feb 2005
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    Here is the email i received off dropcatcher today :

    Dear Customer,

    Through an error in one of Nominet's systems, DropCatcher, and DropCatcher alone, has been unable to detect dropping domain names for several days. We have attempted to raise this issue with Nominet, but they have treated this problem with indifference and they refuse to suspend the service that gives our competitors an unfair advantage since it only affects us. What they do not seem to understand is that in affecting DropCatcher, it also affects you, all of our customers. This number far outweighs the handful of competitors who can still detect dropping domains and therefore we are in the majority, not the minority.

    As you will agree, this cannot be allowed to continue. You are needlessly losing names and we are losing customers through a fault that Nominet refuse to react appropriately to. All we asked of them was to suspend this service for all of its users until the playing field is levelled again. They are unwilling to work on this problem out of business hours and went home on Friday evening without a resolution.

    What we ask you to do is to put some pressure on Nominet to fix this problem and recompense you accordingly. This is best done by e-mail to the managing director (Lesley Cowley) and the director of IT (Jay Daley). I have provided their e-mail addresses and an example e-mail below so you do not have to think too much about what to write, but please feel free to change it to express any views you may have.

    Kind regards
    Ronnie Davies and Chris Holland

    Subject: Mistreatment of DropCatcher
    Dear sirs,

    I have been informed by DropCatcher that they are unable to catch domains that we have booked because they are unable to connect to one of your servers. They have also informed me that all of their competitors are able to connect to this server and that you are unwilling to discontinue all access to the server because it only affects DropCatcher. May I point out that DropCatcher represents me along with many other customers when they go after expiring domain names. This number should far outweigh the number of their competitors and you are therefore not acting in the interests of the majority.

    Through your unwillingness to play fair, I am about to lose a domain that I have been monitoring for a long time now that is important to my business. The cost of the booking on DropCatcher is miniscule compared to its value to my business and I fear that I could be losing many thousands of pounds because of Nominet's failure to respond appropriately to this problem. I would like some recompense from Nominet for this major failure on their part.

    Yours sincerely
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  3. rob

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    Jan 2005
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  4. Brassneck United Kingdom

    Brassneck Well-Known Member

    Apr 2005
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    Well I'm new to this but I got a name I am very please with about 5 minutes ago -

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