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ITV apologises after fictional web address leads Emmerdale viewer to racy site

Discussion in 'Domain Name News' started by admin, Jun 7, 2005.

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    June 06, 2005 by Jennifer Whitehead

    LONDON - ITV has apologised after a supposedly fictional website address used in the Yorkshire farming soap 'Emmerdale' led a viewer to an adult website by mistake.

    In the episode, which was broadcast on March 31, a secretary was seen looking at a website on her computer screen.

    A viewer noted the address of the site and was disturbed to find that when accessed, it contained pornographic material. The viewer complained to Ofcom about the issue.

    ITV said it apologised unreservedly for the inclusion of the unnamed address in 'Emmerdale', which goes out before the watershed.

    It said that it had followed the usual procedure for establishing a fictional address, but unfortunately it had been misread, and a real address had been used by mistake.

    In the wake of the complaint, ITV said that the production team had been reminded of the importance placed on care and accuracy in this area -- particularly if it lead to harm or offence.

    Ofcom accepted it was an unintentional error, and said that due to the steps taken by ITV, it considered the matter resolved.

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