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Discussion in 'Domain Research' started by essexboy, Dec 20, 2007.

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  1. essexboy

    essexboy Active Member

    Sep 2007
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    I'm in need of some noob help.
    I have a site idea but am unsure as to the best domain name for it. I have seen lots of posts/articles saying to have your keyword in your domain name but what if you can't?......

    For example say my site is to do with wine. is not available and we know those would help on ranking.

    Is there any point then having something like does this have any relevance to seo? i.e. would it rank in google for wine or would google not know it was anything to do with wine and read it as 1 word? would it only be any good if people were searching for wine unlimited?

    Also if I had would this be any better? would google pickup wine?

    Im unsure as to how it works with domain names. in this case does it not matter what I call it as none of the above are generic so I may as well call it

  2. Domain Forum

    Acorn Domains Elite Member

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  3. admin Spain

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    Jun 2004
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    Google reads the domain when giving results so it helps to have "wine" in the name yes but the content / links is much more important to get a good ranking.
  4. accelerator United Kingdom

    accelerator Well-Known Member

    Apr 2005
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    If you just want the domain name to be good for SEO purposes (i.e. not necessarily human memorability) go to:

    type in wine, (you'll have to use US as country as UK no longer working for Overture)

    Choose the keyword combination most searched for / most relevant to your business that is still available.

    Then buy both the straight non-separated version and the dash separated version, e.g.

    Host the site on the dash separated, forward the non-separated to the dash separated. Some believe the dash separation helps a little bit with search engines recognising the individual words.

    If you are buying the dash separated for a business, always make sure you own the non-separated so you don't lose traffic.


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