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Discussion in 'Hosting' started by Brassneck, Jan 21, 2009.

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  1. Brassneck United Kingdom

    Brassneck Well-Known Member

    Apr 2005
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    I checked some sites I have with Krystal and these seem to be down at the moment, and i can't even get onto

    Anybody else seeing this?

  2. Domain Forum

    Acorn Domains Elite Member

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  3. Skinner

    Skinner Well-Known Member

    Jul 2008
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    Down here too, I don't use them tho.

    Their support appears to be up tho on UK Hosting Support - Krystal Hosting

    Gonna cost them in people demanding a refund on their uptime deal thing.
  4. golddiggerguy United Kingdom

    golddiggerguy Well-Known Member

    Apr 2007
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    Emails were affected for me most of the day on and off. It was due to a DOS attack and the DNS got mashed up so it said on the message. Never noticed sites going down though!

    Not spoke or heard from them yet but hope they can sort a status page or subscribed status email alert.

    They are usually good but it's not the greatest thing in the world clients calling up asking WTF is going on.

    But hey ho :rolleyes: they are usually top blokes there and all system faultier at some point.

    I have a use for's :) if clients have and emails aren't playing ball.... in advance buy the and setup email accounts using BLUEHOST 1000000's domains for £89 a per 2 years ( i think ) so if a disaster strikes they just send out on the and doesn't look too bad then. The just sits in outlook ready for that day. Nice touch i thought to offer clients as things do go wrong!

    Instead of just saying can't you send using your yahoo account. :)
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  5. MrMason United Kingdom

    MrMason Active Member

    Aug 2008
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    Afternoon all, it's Paul from Krystal Hosting.

    We did have a DNS DDOS attack last week, which caused around 40 minutes of downtime. We apologise for this and all the disruption it caused our customers.

    We have since sought consultation to improve and upgrade the network to protect ourselves from such attacks in the future. We carried out this work on Thursday last week at midnight, and are happy to report that we have since been clear of any downtime despite numerous further DDOS attacks.

    We have also put together a Krystal status blog (, which will include details of scheduled maintenance and any current issues that we are having. I am also sorting out an automatic server status page using reports from as another form of checking the functioning of each of our servers.

    We had a problem answering all the phones because there were only two of us in the office when the downtime occured and as you can imagine we had a huge influx of calls. In this instance, both sets of hands needed to be on the job to fix the problem, so we decided to leave an answer message to communicate our awareness of the problem and that we were doing all we could to fix it.

    Finally, we apologise again for any disruption caused, but believe now we have fixed the underlying issue that made us susceptible to DNS attacks.

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