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Law Websites for sale.

Discussion in 'Domain Portfolio Sales' started by instaunt, Nov 3, 2014.

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    Hello. I'm closing up my website development/SEO business to pursue a career in children's media:

    I've built more than 300 websites over the past 15 years, and have sold 231 of them so far in the career switch. I have these law related domains/websites left: (incl. (incl. (incl.

    Each site has between 50-100 backlinks, is between 1-10 years old, and 500-1000 visitors a month.

    They're not the most staggering figures, but it's a genuine headstart using domains that catch people's attention - which I what I used these for in PPC campaigns, to boost CTR. The sites on some of them are simply "holding" sites with budget articles and templates to give a sense of weight and authority when visitors hit. They would eventually have been turned into full sites like the ones I've already sold at auction.

    They use to have affiliate programs and referral scripts, but now there are just Adsense ads to cover until they are sold. Obviously I cannot include my Adsense account as part of any sale. However, I can provide the website content free of charge as I won't be using them after the domains have sold. Although, most people want to get their own stuff on their asap.

    Any question please get in touch. I also have dozens of other websites/domains in various industries such as broadband and finance.


    Looking for quick sales so I can get on with my book sequel. This is not my retirement fund I'm building! ;)

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