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Leech Part 2

Discussion in 'Domain Research' started by scooter, Sep 28, 2009.

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  1. scooter United Kingdom

    scooter Well-Known Member

    Apr 2006
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    Am I not allowed to reply to my own thread?

    Thanks for owning up DB. Nominet gave no information away apart from what I already said. This was a fishing exercise. I didn't know who it was but by the way it was done, it had to be a domainer. It is just a pity you posted so soon as it would have been nice to see who else is doing the same thing. Going by the 2 posts in the thread and the 4 pm's received, you are certainly not alone.

    I appreciate you did not know it was mine, but you did know it had to be a domainer that owned it. Instead of the registrant being a name, it showed as "Domain For Sale".

    I suppose it's all down to ethics. I for one could not do this and I side with DoubleTap. It is pick pocketing. Raiding from under the owners nose but as I said, you are not alone in doing this.

    I don't see this practice sitting well with the image the domaining community is trying to promote but maybe that's just me and i'm too soft. He who dares and all that.

    I don't want this thread turning into a slanging match. I just wanted to have my say and to reinforce what I said in my original posting.

    This is a warning to all, make sure you always have a valid contact email address in your registrant details.

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  3. devolution

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    On a side note, I've had two like this recently - the only thing 'amiss' was that Registrant Type showed 'Unknown', which seemed to be a legacy thing left over from when the domains were first registered.
  4. retired_member16

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    Pain in the arse when threads close early.

    I dont think what DB did was bad at all. Everyone has to look after themselves in this game, its not a gentlemanly game of bowls after all.

    If I see an opening, Im going to use it in any way neccersary.
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