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Discussion in 'Services Wanted' started by fish, Mar 3, 2010.

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  1. fish United Kingdom

    fish (59) Well-Known Member Trusted Trader

    Nov 2006
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    Do any AD members offer this as a service?
    If so please PM me with your rates etc.
  2. Domain Forum

    Acorn Domains Elite Member

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  3. SEOLurker

    SEOLurker New Member

    Mar 2010
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    Link building Service

    I can Offer a Massive 60 Web2.0 Properties Interlinked service - High Link Juice - Low Google Slap Risk

    Arranged In 4 Columns With Three Layers.

    Dominate The First Page On Google.

    I will create four high quality video's, each from one of your keywords - which will all be submitted to Youtube.
    I will build each web 2.0 property using exclusive unique IPs to avoid having them deleted.
    I will create an RSS feed for each Web2.0 property and then submit them to the leading RSS feed aggregators.
    I also ping all of the properties.

    All this creates a massive amount of link juice flowing inwards to your website/blog.

    60 web2.0 links to your target page/up to 4 pages with up to 4 keywords.
    All web2.0 properties are manually setup with exclusive unique IPs
    4 Unique high quality articles written - one for each keyword
    Each unique article will have 14 articles spun from the original (60 articles in total); all spun articles will be at least 30% unique and will be perfectly readable with good grammar.

    * 60 Articles
    * 60 Web 2.0 Site Creations
    * Interlinked To Avoid Google Slap While Producing Huge Link Juice
    * Article Directory Submissions
    * Video Sharing Site Submissions
    * RSS Feed Submissions
    * Ping Service (every URL)
    * Full Submission Report

    After I have built your Link structure I provide a full detailed report that includes the email account that was used to setup your web 2.0 properties, and also included in the report is all the login account details for each of the web 2.0 properties.

    ORDER TODAY FOR JUST £97 Sterling
  4. iwebresources1

    iwebresources1 Active Member

    Jul 2007
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    Number of options to choose from, choose it as per your need, requirement and budget.

    Directory Submissions: Directory submission is one of the best way to get incoming links.
    Directory Submission Details Price
    100 Directory Submission, 2 Working Days 30 USD
    200 Directory Submission, 3 Working Days 50 USD
    400 Directory Submission, 4 Working Days 80 USD
    500 Directory Submission, 5 Working Days 100 USD
    600 Directory Submission, 6 Working Days 120 USD

    Social Bookmarking: Social Bookmarking is one of the best way to increase visibility of website.
    Social Bookmarking Price
    5 Profiles + 25 Social Bookmarks, 2 Working Days 30 USD
    10 Profiles + 40 Social Bookmarks, 3 Working Days 50 USD
    15 Profiles + 55 Social Bookmarks, 4 Working Days 70 USD
    30 Profiles + 70 Social Bookmarks, 5 Working Days 100 USD

    Article Marketing: Article marketing is widely used to spread a word about your company product and services.
    Article Marketing Price
    1 Article in 30 Article Directories, 2 Working Days 30 USD
    1 Article in 60 Article Directories, 4 Working Days 50 USD
    1 Article in 100 Article Directories, 5 Working Days 70 USD

    All work is done manually and we provide you proper reports once completion of work.

    Note: We need a email id from your side, we use this email id in all promotional activities this way you can also check progress of submissions and it's saved for future reference also.

  5. kendalcottages

    kendalcottages (1) Active Member New Trader

    Mar 2010
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    Funny how a thread like this generates responses from first-time posters or posters with bad ratings... :neutral:

    I've looked at outsourcing link building on many occasions before but have always been deterred by either the cheapness of it all (getting 5,000 links for $30 just doesn't really stack up for me) or the sceptical nature of it all. If you outsource this kind of work, be sure that you know exactly what they're doing. I've known many instances of people claiming that they will do things like forum posting on your behalf but, if you could see the quality of what they do in many cases, then you would certainly think twice about it.

    To my mind, although it can be a bind to have to do it, it's one of those things that best done in-house so you can keep strict controls on how it is done.
  6. lufc United Kingdom

    lufc Active Member

    Dec 2006
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    I havn't used them myself but I have heard quite good things about contentnow,

    There not keep but are a professional outfit run by an affiliate marketers who knows his stuff.

  7. julian United Kingdom

    julian (42) Banned Trusted Trader

    Aug 2007
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    I might be able to help you - pm me info.

    btw - personally i'd run a million miles from anyone who mentions 'Directory Submissions' :( as part of their service.
  8. dashu1 United Kingdom

    dashu1 (15) Well-Known Member Trusted Trader

    Nov 2008
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    I agree, I think it's a sign of people trying to take advantage of the naive.

    We do link building, have some excellent results for our customers, but we're expensive compared to the thing posted earlier in the thread.

    My seo website is now on page 2 of G for the search term SEO and that's a pretty competitive keyword - I like to think that's an indication that I do at least have some idea what I'm doing :)
  9. rob

    rob (50) Founding Member Trusted Trader

    Jan 2005
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    This whole thread needs nuking :(
  10. bensd United Kingdom

    bensd (135) Well-Known Member Exclusive Member Trusted Trader

    Jan 2007
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    Where are they mods? I reported that post at around 7am this morning!

    @ Mods - only joking guys, i know you work very hard behind the scenes. Maybe it is worth looking into taking on a couple more?
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