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London 2012 etc

Discussion in 'Domain Name Disputes' started by tifosi, Jun 18, 2006.

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  1. tifosi United Kingdom

    tifosi Well-Known Member

    Oct 2004
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    Just doing a bit of research of the state of play with this and the implications to domain names, interpreneurial sites, and potential issues.

    Would be good to have a repository of knowledge on this one.
    If the government and the IOC have their way no words containing 2012 and/or London and ANY other words will be possible.

    There's growing business opposition to this but the government bill may stamp that out. The first stage is an either/or for word groupings, but the trademark encompasses every TM class and the word 2012. I home the patent office has the common sense to be independent and reject this. Depends on hpw much they get leant on.



    TM app:

    Olympic Bill:


    Protected TM:

    These will amount to grossely excessive monopolies and will stifle entrepeneurial spirit. We are paying for the games through our taxes. We should be able to profit from the event without just prejudice.

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  3. retired_member6

    retired_member6 Banned

    Apr 2005
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    I don't know much about the olympics but I would think how it works is the olympic bods and government are the ones who are meant to profit and not unlicensed businesses.

    I know of several entities that have moved into one area right now, not associated with any licensing but are hoping to capitilise on at least one country's participation and stay in London and also have a whole viable business plan as a long term entity.

    And I presume quite a lot will be licenced by government and the olympic committee so therefore domains and the like will probably be stopped so as to ensure they get money out of licensing. Although I could be wrong.

    Also it's well known this government and anyone really when they're after something, ask for more than they can knowingly get so they can at least acheive the minimum.

    Trying to stop anyone getting a domain with the words 2012 in is absurd, same with London, both I can understand but even then (example, not mine) would be good for the country if used properly but then in 2012 people will search London Hotels but in 2006 will search london hotels 2012 (well this way round they do), and these people don't even have a site on them? madness.

    Why government would wish to stifle business and the affiliate industry I work in I don't know. Communism should stay in china and even then, not there. I hate this government. Trademarking an event like this when it doesn't even involve the word olympics is sheer stupidity and shouldn't be allowed although it could be said the event belongs to them - it's not really in the spirit of the games though is it? :mrgreen:
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  4. Hazel Pegg

    Hazel Pegg Active Member

    Feb 2006
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    Bit like the Glastonbury Festivals Ltd UK trademark on the word 'glastonbury' when it doesn't even involve the word 'festival'.

    I'm currently trying to stop them getting an ECM on the word 'glastonbury' in much broader classes.

  5. texidriver

    texidriver Active Member

    Feb 2005
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