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Discussion in 'Domain Name Offers Invited' started by Black Murdoch, Dec 20, 2008.

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    Make offers of £xxxx above for consideration by PM only. If your offer makes sense, then we may have a deal. Some of these names have had their .com equivalents acquired for xxxx to xxxxx $$$. This is the time to buy quality domains as things are about to take off with Google now offering parking directly. Its just the beginning. Google should eventually start selling domains in the future as anyone searches google, they can simply show keyword domains with all the metrics and analytics, as an alternative to buy or advertise! I believe if google does this, its worth billions of dollars to their revenue over the long term.

    Why am i saying this? well simply because I'm one of those who take a futuristic perspective on the value of domains and believe the current players lack innovation and creativity. I was at Macromedia in Silicon Valley when the web started and believe we need true innovators to help us all realize the future values of domains, not cronyism and luck as you currently see it. Plus more people will be driven to start a business online as the depression deepens...its the future of everything! So my advise is, hold on to your domain assets and don't sell yourself short! Here are a few of my domains if you want to make an offer as indicated above:

    Thanks chums!

    I will offer 10% commission to anyone who can get me xxx,xxx on :
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