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Looking To Shift 23 x Four Letters

Discussion in 'Archive UK Domains For Sale' started by retired_member6, May 10, 2006.

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    All regd at 123reg, domains only, push on payment clear while doing forms, paypal/cheque accepted. Buyer pays nom fee. All expire 07/08 view

    Please make reasonable offer - as usual. ;) I'd consider selling 'groups of' or 'whole' to single interest if need be. I know it's said all the time but I really do have a project that needs investing in but I'm not at pains to bide time and keep them as there's 15+ months left on most.

    Feel free to PM, make an offer or comment, ask questions...

    Lee - word - Hint, I really like this - word - word - Had offer already at sedo, turned down. - word - gibraltar money ov5 - acronym - Hint, I like this - Hint, I like this - good poll word - poor cat - sms value - sms value - Hint, I really like this

    Appraise the above here:
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