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Low cost of zombie networks revealed

Discussion in 'Domain Name News' started by Acorn Newsbot, Mar 5, 2013.

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    A network of 1,000 zombie computers which can be used for a range of malicious purposes, without their users knowing, are costing cyber criminals less than £20.
    Information from internet security firm Webroot puts the cost of so called ‘Botnets’ into the spotlight, highlighting how cheaply they can be accessed from underground sites.

    All of the computers being sold will have been infected with some form of malicious software designed to hijack the machine and allow it to be used for criminal purposes such as mass sending of spam email, collecting bank details or targeted online attacks.

    According to the security firm, the cost not only increases based on the number of infected computers used but also the locations, with systems in the USA attracting the top premium and UK machines slightly behind.

    Experts at Webroot suggest this scale of cost is due to the greater online purchasing power of users in USA and the UK compared to the rest of the world. They also believe this is part of a growing trend, for underground offerings having such sophisticated pricing schemes and even offering related “value added” services such as anonymity protocols.

    Any computer could be at risk from infection by malicious software to make it part of a botnet but there are some simple steps you can take to reduce the risk:

    •*Never open an email attachment without checking its authenticity. If it's from someone you know or an organisation you trust, consider calling to check before opening it. If you don't know the sender just delete it.
    •*Links in emails are abused just like attachments. Apply the same rules for protection - never just click! If you receive an email from a bank or financial institution containing a link to your account, never click on it. Instead, use the web address you normally use to see your account and check there.
    •*Check that you are using the latest version of all your software, with the latest security patches.
    •*Install and enable firewall software. There are lots of good ones available or at least enable the built-in firewall for Windows.
    •*Make sure your antivirus software is enabled and frequently updating automatically.

    There’s more information in our top tips for avoiding cybercrime.

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