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    Google exact global searches per month for "mal": 135,000
    Google phrase global searches per month for "mal": 11,100,000

    That's 133,000,000 phrase searches per year -- year after year -- from a single search engine.

    Did you see sell for $39,000 last week?

    Clearly a good 3-letter .NET domain can be worth a lot. Past sales include: $454,500 $200,000 $100,000 $74,850

    But the word has to be a good one. Well, is one the best -- or I should say, "baddest".

    "Mal" means "bad", "wrong", "evil" in at least 5 languages:


    For instance, Baudelaire wrote a famous collection of poems called "Les Fleurs du Mal" ("The Flowers of Evil").

    "Bad" is probably one of the 2 or 3 most fundamental words that exists. I expect one of the earliest things language was used for was to express "bad" -- to warn people away from saber tooth tigers, dangerous terrain, and tempting plants that happened to be poison.

    In English, "MAL" means the same thing -- think of "Malpractice", "Malware", "Malevolent". is especially appropriate for the malware niche, due to its .NET extension.

    The cost per click (CPC) for phrases containing "malpractice" in Google AdWords currently ranges from $10 to over $108 -- for a single click!

    Equally important, "Mal" is a very important Arabic word (مال) meaning "capital", "property", "wealth", etc. has received many offers, but it's significant that my highest offer so far (high $x,xxx) was from someone in Saudi Arabia. I declined the offer because I think this domain should retail in the 5-figures minimum.

    As if those factors weren't good enough, "MAL" also contains the abbreviations for two different states -- Alabama (AL) and Massachusetts (MA) -- making it a likely acronym.

    Offers are welcome on this domain.
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