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Discussion in 'Other Domain Names' started by miker, Oct 26, 2006.

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  1. miker

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    Aug 2006
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    Hello People,

    Testing the waters with this one. One week only,
    after that goes to development. Actually read on
    and you will understand that you are getting more
    than domain name here.

    Domain Name: N O R T H . O R G
    Created On:15-Aug-1996

    Not that many 10 year old domain names for sale
    on the forum. Domain name renewed till year 2009,
    and it is comfortably sitting at Network Solutions.

    For its whole life NORTH was used as a free email
    service site. That's why it is registered in Google
    and DMOZ directories. As I mentioned previously
    above you are going to get more than just a name.
    Free email service for NORTH provided by
    The buyer will receive also account at
    with all the members/users that have their email at
    N O R T H . O R G. Currently there are 6995 users
    with emails ending with @ N O R T H . O R G
    What can be done with these email accounts. Well,
    if you want to develop a site you know that you are
    going to get constant traffic only due to the fact that
    people accessing emails. This domain name is perfect
    for portal creation, or for organization. At this point
    free services of used, but if you are
    serious about development you can upgrade this account
    to the paid service and you will be able to put your ads
    for the users to see, and also sell email space packages.

    I am not hiding:
    Cell: 1-604-8386176
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