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Discussion in 'NameDrive' started by NameDriver, Oct 18, 2005.

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    C'mon, you didn't expect me not to post something did you?

    The fact is that, after receiving delivery of them last week, the new headers are here for you to play with. If you look in your settings area, then you will see the new categories. Not all of them have new headers, but many of them do. Feel free to pick a domain, change the category, click 'save' and refresh your domian. The system will only count one hit on the domain however much you refresh it, so no worries there.
    You'll be pleased to see a music category in there - sorry that it took so long for those that asked.
    We now have 23 headers and 18 categories which means there are five that you still haven't seen yet.
    Within 48 hours, you will have the option to select the header independant of the category.

    This is phase one of our optimization overhaul. We have scrutinized and pondered, deliberated, cogitated and digested and we now feel that we are ready to push on with Phase Two which will hopefuly take our CTR and PPC to new levels. Nothing spectacular, I might add, we're not going to suddenly double your income (I think), but it is a more workable, sensible, effective model.

    I'll keep you posted.

    Have a great evening. I'm off for a dip in ND's Florida headquater's pool :)

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    Works for me, have a nice swim :razz: :)
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