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New Bicycle Insurance Product

Discussion in 'Affiliate Marketing' started by jhulott, Jul 25, 2011.

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    We are pleased to annouce the launch of Bicycle Insurance

    Whether you are using your bicycle to get to work or just for fun at the weekend, we have developed our everyday bike insurance with prices starting from just £3.75 per month.*

    This covers:

    • Theft - with like for like replacement up to 3 years old
    • Accidential damage & vandalism
    • Get you home cover up to £250 and liabilty cover for up to £1,000,000

    For people who use their bike for exploring the countryside on or off road, our Adventure cover may be more suitable.*Prices start from £5.50 per month with the additional benefits of

    • Cover in Europe
    • Roadside recovery in the event of a breakdown
    • £2,000,000 liability cover

    Commission for this product is £12 and you can sign up now at

    If you need any assistance in getting bicyle insurance up and running on your websites, or you need some specific content or creative - please do get in touch.

    Many Thanks

    Jason Hulott
    Affiliate Manager
    Protect Your Bubble
    Tel: 01843 831088
    Mob: 07940 521056
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