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New feature to Nominet

Discussion in 'Nominet General Information' started by golddiggerguy, Dec 31, 2008.

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    I have 500+ domains and sometimes finding a domain can for me be a nightmare. ( i know you can change the email addresses and merge them all, but it's just getting round to it)
    I have maybe used different title or don't know which account to look in. etc

    I get there in the end but find it a bit of a stumbling block for me time wise ..... but anyways.

    I called Nominet today to find out what account a domain was on and she pointed me to this link NOMINET

    At the top you only enter one field ( the domain name is the best one) or it confuses it and then enter the correct email address and password.

    And bang there's the account ready for a transfer.

    If you think i sound a bit dim P*** Off :( , if i have helped a few people Great!! :p
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